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I’m so glad you are interested in the Scientific Hand Analysis Certification.  Scroll down below to find out all the details of this exciting invitation. If you need help in deciding if this is for you, then the next step is to book a call directly with me to uncover if it’s a fit for you and what your next best steps are for you to get you on Purpose in your own life and for the transformation of others.

Are you .....

 A Spiritual Seeker who wants to really live a Life on Purpose – if you only knew what that was

 A Healer who is has been “Clearing blocks” for yourself and others but they keep reappearing and you are not sure why

 A Spiritual Entrepreneur who is struggling to attract clients right now and looking for a tool that people are searching for the big answers to their life

 A Therapist who wishes you could throw away the mask you feel you have to wear and start sharing your message in your own voice aligned with your Purpose

 A Coach who is longing to do deeper work for themselves and their own clients that you can feel confident in using

 An Counsellor who has been using tools you have trained for and want to help your clients have the next breakthrough they really desire


"I have never done anything like this before and thank God I did"

Now I'm the kind of person who hadn't I ran into Luanne would have never ever done anything like this. I was extremely skeptical and only because I just thought Luanne was such an amazing person that she managed to convince me to have it done, and thank God for that. Because again, its been an absolutely amazing experience that still resonates with me weeks down the road. I think about some of the things Luanne said to me almost every day and what its done for me is, first of all about my life purpose. I tink everybody knows deep inside what it is but to have confirmation has just doubled and tripled my motivation. I get out of bed in the morning and I am so focused on my what I am going to do with my day and how I am going to spend my day to get one step closer to my purpose, so that's been amazing.
Kathrin Luty


You are a life long learner, forever searching how to create a life that you can be proud of and happy to wake up each day with excitement.

You have a dream of living your Purpose, being able to share your gifts, skills and passion, living in alignment and flow with grace and ease but have been forever searching for how to make that a reality.


You do have a sense of your Purpose but you keep getting held back not being able to really express it the way you desperately desire if you had the confidence and courage to do this.

Imagine ...

 Living your dreams and Purpose being able to share your gifts, skills and passion with many

 Knowing when the road gets a little bumpy you have the knowledge and wisdom to glide through it easily instead of your life blowing up

 You can learn and earn, getting paid what you are worth, while learning about yourself on a deep soul level

 Gaining confidence in yourself because you are aligned with your unique design and use it as your compass in life

 Not only identifying your own Purpose but those of your clients and be successful in supporting them in a way that they are grateful for and understand easily

If doubt, fear and uncertainty has stopped you from showing up in the world in the way you really Desire, then what if I told you that you can reach your highest potential with ease & grace through having clarity about your true Purpose and the road map to express it has been in your hands the whole time then …


Scientific Hand Analysis certification is a guided program for Spiritual Seekers & Spiritual Entrepreneurs who are wanting to gain absolute clarity about their own Purpose, bust through their blocks and of uncertainty and show up aligned & unapologetic about their unique design, and live with meaning, create offers for their clients aligned to their mission, purpose and tribe.

If you are ready to stop playing small and find a way to show up in the world according to your unique design then maybe its time we talked.​

 I help Purpose seekers, healers, coaches, consultants and trail blazers design a successful business based around their Purpose that shows up right there in their own hands.

 I help Purpose seekers, healers, coaches, consultants and trail blazers design a successful business based around their Purpose that shows up right there in their own hands.

 If you are in a career or job that no longer excites you, then discover your natural talents and gifts so that you can do the work you came her to do. One that aligns with your true gifts and that you can be proud of and stop struggling when it comes to putting yourself first.

 The greatest gift you can give yourself is not only learning your unique Purpose design but also to surrender into it, know it, become friends with it, embrace it and love it and yourself

Whether you are attracted to add this as a tool to your business or on this journey for your own self discovery you will deepen your own souls journey and those of your clients.

What actually is scientific hand analysis?

 It’s a scientific, non-predictive modality that combines the ancient art of palmistry with the latest discoveries by Richard Unger who studied over 50,000 pairs of hands and create this unique system after 43 years of research.

 Your fingerprints are formed 14-16 weeks after conception and never change. They are unique to you and the patterns once decoded will reveal your true Life Purpose, Life Lessons and Life School

 Your lines in your hands correlate to the neural pathways to your brain. These can change over time and give us behaviour patterns, personality indictators and even how your life to express and receive love in a relationship. Knowing the wisdom right in front of you is the best guide you can have.

Scientific hand analysis will NOT tell you your future – so you don’t have to be psychic or use your intuition because this is a repeatable and learnable system

Scientific Hand Analysis gives you the complete road map to your Purpose – the delicious dilemmas along the journey and what to look out for while you walk the path of Purpose.

The Benefits of Learning Scientific Hand Analysis

Know your purpose, and it gets you something to dig your teeth into to move forward on your path.

She attracted and all of these women came with open hearts, sensitive hearts, vulnerable hearts, and each women held the other in a sacred space witnessing and that was magic. Enhanced with Luanne's beautiful teaching around the hand analysis and purpose, theset wo things combined provided a recipe for deep healing and sisterhood that I see that Luanne forms a village. She talks about forming a village and I felt a part of the village, and I continue to feel part of the village and it is an honour to know Luanne, to work with Luanne and to have her hold the space for me to bloom into my greatest version of my self. I would attend (her events) again and again because I think that as I saw in my own hand report, the hand can change, the gift markings can change, and we kind of upgrade, when we do the work we can upgrade and its kind of affirming to see it in your hand, to affirm, the work that you've been doing.

Know your purpose, and it gets you something to dig your teeth into to move forward on your path.Direction and clarity, and I thank Luanne for her work and for her connection.
Wendy McMurdo

What we will cover and include
in the Training

"I don't know why I waited so long because
it was totally, totally worth it"

Natali Brown


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Still have some questions? Want to know if this is the best step for you?

"One of my SMARTEST investments ever"

Recognising the profound truth and wisdom encoded in our fingerprints and deciding to do Level 1 Training is one of my smartest investments in myself. I was moved and empowered by the layers of accuracy as my hands were analysed during the training. I have bought clarity, relief and tools for change to all who have offered their hand prints for a reading since this time.

" As a BONUS I can use what I learnt straight away on my customers and charge them"

Hi Luanne want to send you a message to thank you. What a great Level 1 weekend I have had with you and Pamelah. First I thought I was going to learn a system (the prints in my hands) but I also gained so much knowledge about MYSELF. 

My life purpose (what I am here for) and my life lessons (what I struggle with) and what keeps my from living the life of my dreams. ! You created a great environment for us in the group to share, cry and laugh. It was all very focused (in a laid back way) and well organised. Well worth my time and money. And as a bonus I can use what I learnt from Level 1 straight away on my customers and charge them ! Much love ! Gigi ! The hand analysis training is a doorway to your deepest self.

Tools you get supported with in the Scientific Hand Analysis Certification

Online portal with trainings and resources

Weekly Group Laser Coaching via zoom

Pop up Group Immersion days online

Your own online course loaded up for you – tech done 

Group support with like minded Purpose Seekers

Support with Tricky hands and case studies

Opportunity to be marketed in the hand analysis academy 

Bonus Hand Analysis Reading 

Luanne Mareen -
Your Coach

Luanne Mareen is a Global Goddess Gatherer, Divine Business Mentor & Chief Goddess of Goddess on Purpose & Luanne is also a Master Hand Analyst and teacher, Business coach & Mentor, Chief Goddess. Luanne is the Creator of the Goddess on Purpose Oracle & Goddess-ence essential oil range.

Luanne works with healers, catalysts, coaches, teachers who find they are confused about their Purpose and who want to save precious energy, time and money by having their purpose identified in a professional and tangible way, so that they can create programs & services that are aligned to their own Purposeful Design, giving them flow, joy and being of service to their ideal clients.

“I help women around the globe get their lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Purpose, Presence and Profit” —Luanne Mareen.

This Certification IS for you if

You who are ready to discover your Purpose

You want to add a new tool to your tool kit 

You are Spiritually open

You can embrace shadow work

You want to be supported

You see the value in investing in you

This Certification is NOT for you if

You are looking for a magic button

You are not open to new ways of thinking

You are unsupportable

You are only in it for the money

It puts your family in financial risk


Midlife Mentor

Frequently Asked Questions

The program starts as soon as you do your first payment. You have instant access to the portal, the facebook group and me.
You will be guided each step of the way setting you up for success.  

All live calls are recorded and uploaded within 24 hours to our group.  If you can not make them live but have questions just let me know your questions and I will answer your question on the recording at the beginning.

True lasting transformation takes time and the right support, strategically and energetically. With the SHAC I am here to support you to embody your purposeful mission – which of course takes time and is not a quick fix.

Starting from the day you invest, you have unlimited access to all the training, templates, live recordings  with Luanne Mareen.  When your 12 months is up there is an invitation to stay in the weekly calls. 

You sure do each week Luanne Mareen holds group Q&A and coaching sessions if you just want a quick question answered or to just check in with us all. You will have a Private reading with Luanne during the time of the course.  A link will be given to you.

We value your time, just as much as you do. Each week you will be able to come on the group calls. We have a schedule with links when you join.  It is normally the same time each week and if you can not make it just type your question in the facebook group and Luanne will answer it on the call.

You will get individual attention during that time for your question in the group call. You may decide to join the entire call to learn from other questions being asked and are welcome to join in for each Mastermind coaching session even if you do not have a specific question. Replays are available right away in our Facebook group.

This is a commitment you are making to yourself and your business. I believe 100% you will get what you put into this program.
I will show up for you with the expertise, tools and resources to really help you to take the next steps in growing your business.

My past clients’ experiences show our commitment and expertise. We do not offer a money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied, stuck or have any other concern, simply reach out to the support team and we will make sure you are well taken care of. There maybe times when you feel a little scared or frustrated and it is natural as you expand and step out to shine even more.  You have access to me – always reach out.

I suggest commiting to spending at least an hour or more per week with the training plus time for the implementation of actions to build your business. As with any other venture, the amount of time you invest will directly affect your results. Of course it depends on the project and timing but I am always here to support.  This is also SELF PACED so you get to choose what you can commit to.

The ideal client for this program is someone who is dedicated to knowing your Purpose and also if you are in business and I and wanting to do readings for others. Doing readings is optional and this is one fantastic Personal Development Tool.

YES! Most people wait years flipping around from strategy to strategy and never really getting traction or results. If you are starting a business, joining Mastermind will get you started on the right foot.  

We will help you to start your business right aligned to your purpose and also guide and support you every step of the way.

If you have been at it a while, but are still not getting clients and seeing results, you NEED to be in here so we can see where you are leaving money on the table and where you need to align with your Vision.

The alignment to your purpose component is what really sets this program apart. We will always  come back to your road map

You will never get lost or go missing here – I am with you all the way.  But I do ask that you take responsibility for taking the actions needed without blame and without being hard on yourself.  Together we will see you on Purpose.