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  • Know how to get aligned with your own Purpose and show up authentically in your work.
  • Stop feeling awkward or salesy when it comes to promoting your gifts.

How Many Times Have You Felt.....

 Confused and mis-aligned to your Purpose?

Underwhelmed and unexcited about your current career or business?

 Exhausted because you have woken up in the middle of the night with big ideas for your life, only to feel deflated because you keep hitting road blocks?

Your heart hurts because you know you are here to help serve people with your wonderful work, yet you are the worlds BEST KEPT SECRET?​

A Call To All Truth Seekers, Healers, Coaches, Therapists, Catatlyts, Creatives & Spiritual Warriors Who Are Ready To Live With More Purpose And Meaning As Shown In The Design In Your Hands​

Are You ?

 Searching for your Life Purpose by reading lots of books about the subject or having countless psychic/astrology/numerology readings only to come out even more confused?

 Dealing with fomo (fear of missing out) because you see other people living their Purpose but you keep trying to reinvent yourself time and time again?

 Feeling “CALLED” to do something more in your Life, and you are ready to step into that Calling – if you only knew what it was?

 Frustrated, underwhelmed and unexcited about your current career or business?

Imagine ...

What if I told you there is a simple and repeatable scientific method called Han Analysis that can instantly decode your Life Purpose For you ?  Are you ready to find out yours?

Because when you do know your Life Purpose, and start to live it, everything aligns and flows better for your life.

Goals and dreams start to manifest because your intention is clearer

Relationships with others feel easier because you know your life purpose design

Where you felt blocked before, becomes your greatest ally because you know how to get back on track and ON Purpose faster.

So What is Hand Analysis – better to ask What Hand Analysis is NOT:

 It is NOT an interpretive psychic reading

 It is NOT something that has popped up in the last few years

 It is NOT someone looking into a crystal ball to read your future

Hand Analysis contains

Your Life Path

 – your foundation and theme of your life (there are four possible choices)

Your Life Lessons

– Your ally in disguise – where you get blocked all the time but knowing this piece of wisdom you now have the means to turn it around in your favor

Your Life Purpose

 – where you flow with ease, your Joy space

But wait there is more!

Your Gift Markings

Extra potential for your Purpose.  These are actual markings on your hand that appear when you need them the most. Deny them and you will feel them calling you in the form of “wake up now”.  Using them will make your life so much more fulfilling. Ignore them and you may feel confused and indecisive.

Heart Lines

The way you express matters of the heart and the way you are in relationships

Challenge Markers

Markings in your hands that maybe holding you back in your Purpose – these lines can come and go also.  Once the challenge has been acknowledged you can be back on Purpose.

Even your Hand Shape, Finger length, Hand Colour etc can give even more knowledge about your and your Purpose.

It’s been “In your hands the whole time”.

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More Hand Analysis Facts for you.

Hand Analysis is a Repeatable System that anyone can learn and Master 

Fingerprints never change and are unique to you 

Fingerprints once decoded is your Souls Purpose

Hand Shapes, Fingernail shapes, Finger lengths can tell you about your Personality

Hand Analysis readings can be done anywhere in the world via zoom

You will be drawn to Hand Analysis if you:

Are really desiring to Live your Life Purpose

You are a Spiritual Person and open to changes

You are open to new ways of learning about yourself

You are a healer, spiritual coach or entrepreneur and trail blazer

You take responsibility for your own outcomes in life

"It was totally, totally worth it"

Hi I'm Natali Brown from nataliwellbeing.com in New Zealand. I recently had an amazing hand analysis with the lovely Luanne Mareen. I've been putting off having this hand analysis and I don't know why I waited so long because it was totally, totally worth it. She was totally spot on with everything that she told me.

She told me about, you know, about my purpose, the reason why I'm here, what I'm supposed to be doing with that purpose and also she told me about my gift markings, I loved every minute of it, and I had so many Aha moments. Luanne is a beautiful, gentle soul and I highly recommend that you have a hand analysis reading with her. She's definitely put things into perspective for me, and she's definitely answered a lot of questions that I had.

It just sets you straight, literally sets you straight, it answers your questions and gives you clarity around certain things.
Natali Brown

"Has doubled and tripled my motivation"

I just wanted to let her and everybody else know what an amazing experience it was. Now I'm the kind of person who hadn't I ran into Luanne would have never ever done anything like this. I was extremely skeptical and only because I just thought Luanne was such an amazing person that she managed to convince me to have it done, and thank God for that.

Its been an absolutely amazing experience that still resonates with me weeks down the road. I think about some of the things Luanne said to me almost every day and what its done for me is, first of all about my life purpose. I think everybody knows deep inside what it is but to have confirmation has just doubled and tripled my motivation.

I get out of bed in the morning and I am so focused on my what I am going to do with my day and how I am going to spend my day to get one step closer to my purpose, so that's been amazing..
Kathryn Luty

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About Luanne

Luanne helps women around the globe get their lives and businesses on purpose through embodying Purpose, Presence and Profit. She does this by identifying the #1 thing holding them back and help them turn it into their biggest strength, so they can express their feminine essence and enjoy a juicy abundant life.

For a Goddess on Purpose, like yourself, she serves you with hand analysis readings, events, community and business coaching.

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